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A jury began shaming the Trump Organization for a valuation fraud scheme

A jury began shaming the Trump Organization for a valuation fraud scheme

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A jury began shaming the Trump Organization for a valuation fraud scheme

A jury began shaming the Trump Organization for a valuation fraud scheme:

Former President Donald Trump's company has been accused of a 15-year scheme to help top executives avoid paying taxes.

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A New York jury on Tuesday acquitted the Trump Organization on all charges in a 15-time alleged fraud scheme that prosecutors said was orchestrated by the company's top supervisors.

Jurors deliberated for just one day before returning guilty verdicts on a total of 17 counts, including fraud, conspiracy, criminal assessment fraud, and conspiracy to falsify business records. If convicted, the company would have to pay about $1.6 million in fines. Curse is expected on January 13, 2023

"The former chairperson's Brotherhood is now beginning to be ashamed of the crime. It has paid off. It shows that there is a standard of justice for all of us in Manhattan," Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg told reporters, calling the underlying case "embezzlement and fraud."

The Trump Organization and Allen Weiselberg, its former longtime principal fiscal officer, were last charged after a cycle-long investigation into the company's dollars-and-cents practices by the Manhattan attorney's office.

Prosecutors said the company paid its "primary high-paid executives" including Weiselberg to "cheat valuations" through several other schemes, including part of Two Bay Window, the Trump Corporation, and the Trump Payroll Corporation, luxury buses, and empty apartments. . - Reservation Complex.

In a statement, Bragg said that "the Trump Corporation and the Trump Payroll Corporation engaged in a scheme that hid benefits from the IRS by offering unreasonable benefits and compensation to high-ranking executives and advising them to avoid assessments" and that "the Trump Companies in power were in on their long-running nefarious scheme." responsible for."

In a statement, Trump said he was deceived by Manhattan's decision, but would appeal.

He called the case "fresh" and "perpetuating the biggest political witch hunt in our country's history. New York City is a tough place for Trump" as businesses and people flee our once great asphalt jungle!

Weisenberg, 75, pleaded guilty in August to 15 felony charges and was a star witness for prosecutors. He agreed to pay nearly $2 million in assessments, interest, and penalties and to serve five months in confinement as part of the disgraceful plea.

The companies argued that Weiselberg, who was still on the payroll of the Trump Organization, was the only bad actor. They claimed that he created the system for his benefit and not for society.

"We are here today for one reason and one reason only, the acquisition of Allen Wieselberg," defense attorney Susan Necheles said in closing arguments.

Necheles stands in this position after the verdict.

"This case involves Allen Weiselberg, who committed tax fraud on his tax returns. Every witness testified repeatedly that President Trump and the Trump family knew nothing about Allen Weiselberg's conditioning," he said. “We disagree with the jury's verdict.

"The idea that a company can be held suitable for an employee's address on their tax return for benefits is simply absurd," said a spokesperson for the Trump Organization.

Before the trial, which began in late October, Weiselberg and another top executive testified that other top executives benefited from the scheme and that the company also benefited from not paying salaries and other taxes due to reflection.

Trump, who has not been charged, complained about the case on social media Tuesday morning. After making false social truth claims that murder and violent crime are high in New York, the former chairperson said the neighborhood attorney's office is "fighting Trump against D.C.'s political witch hunt.

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