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A month after winning the World Cup Messi still can't believe it

A month after winning the World Cup Messi still can't believe it

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A month after winning the World Cup Messi still can't believe it

By dreamsforce.com

Lionel Messi returned to Qatar after just one month.

The Argentine captain lifted the World Cup trophy in Qatar on December 18 last month. On this day, Argentina ended the wait of three eras by defeating France in a tiebreaker. Messi did not go to celebrate the title in the row where Aradhya took the trophy.

Went to play exhibition matches for a Qatari-owned club. Tomorrow, Messi's PSG will play against Cristiano Ronaldo's All Stars in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. One day rest in Doha, Qatar before going to Riyadh.

Messi may have been remembered in Doha, albeit with different intentions. And even if that doesn't happen, the 'one-month anniversary of the World Cup' is enough to get emotional. Messi made a post on Instagram with that emotion. The Argentina captain wrote that months have passed and he still can't believe it.

The Argentina captain added a video to the message written on the anniversary of the World Cup victory. Where Argentina's three goals in the final, Emiliano Martínez's incredible save late in the match, and the moment of the last shot in the tiebreaker, were greeted by an open-top bus in Buenos Aires.

What is written in Messi's message?

I had one of the best months of my life. I still can't believe it. What a wonderful time after winning the World Cup that we wanted so much. That's right, everything feels good to be a champion. But what a great month I had before. What wonderful memories. Missing the days spent with teammates, the moments spent together, talking, training sessions, everything...

'What a wonderful thing it was, because of the unforgettable experience my family enjoyed every day. It was great to watch the match, the pitch, and the madness of the Argentinian people.

Thank the Creator. I said I knew he would give me the trophy. But I couldn't imagine what the time would be like after the achievement. I was not wrong. Because I never imagined such a frenzy of people about Joyotsav.

'A month has passed, and we are... world champions!'

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