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Chinese Intelligence Balloon Rack Head Sensor: US

Chinese Intelligence Balloon Rack Head Sensor: US

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Chinese Intelligence Balloon Rack Head Sensor: US

By dreamsforce.com

Sensors recovered from the wreckage of a Chinese spy balloon destroyed by a US missile. The balloon debris also contained electronic devices. This information was informed by the US forces.

Important evidence has been recovered from the wreckage of a Chinese spy balloon in the Atlantic Ocean, according to the US military's Northern Command. It also contains sensors and electronic devices.

It is also reported that the FBI will now examine the remains.

On February 3, a Chinese intelligence balloon was detected in the US airspace. It had been flying over US military installations for several days. The next day, the US military destroyed the balloon by firing a missile from an F-22 fighter jet. The wreckage of a Chinese balloon has landed in US waters in the Atlantic Ocean.

The US has said it will not return the balloon debris to China. The giant balloon is said to have solar panels and antennas. The US administration alleged that the balloon was flying in US airspace to gather intelligence. The balloon flew to more than 40 countries.

Later, Chinese intelligence balloons were detected in the skies over the US as well as South America.

On the other hand, China claims that the balloon was flown in the sky to observe the weather. But instead of going to the specified route, he mistakenly went to the United States. Beijing expressed regret that the balloon accidentally entered US airspace.

Beijing reacted angrily to the United States for destroying the balloon. According to China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United States overreacted to the incident.

However, the balloon incident caused tension between China and the United States. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has postponed his visit to China. Blinken said it was a clear violation of US sovereignty, an act contrary to international law.

Meanwhile, amid ongoing tensions over Chinese spy balloons, a series of 'mysterious objects' have been spotted in the skies over the US and Canada. Later, US forces sent fighter jets to shoot them down. The governments of the two countries are still unable to confirm what these objects are.

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