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Esoteric Festival 2023 [Live Stream] in Donald, Victoria, Australia

Esoteric Festival 2023 [Live Stream] in Donald, Victoria, Australia

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Esoteric Festival 2023 [Live Stream] in Donald, Victoria, Australia

Esoteric Festival, 2023 is the ultimate Music festival experience in the beautiful city of Donald, Victoria, Australia. Esoteric Festival is a memorable event that features a star-studded lineup of Musicians, visual artists, and more. With its unique combination of Music, art, and culture, Esoteric Festival, 2023 is the perfect event for Music lovers and festival-goers.


Details of the Music Festival:


Festival Name:


• Esoteric Festival Music Festival 2023




• Esoteric Festival 2023 Live Stream [Free Trial]




• Esoteric Festival 2023 will take place in Donald, Victoria, Australia. The exact location is TBA.


Date & Duration:


• Esoteric Festival 2023 will be held from Thursday 09 March 2023 - Tuesday 14 March 2023.


Performer List:


• The Esoteric Festival Music Festival 2023 will feature a wide range of Musical and cultural acts including, but not limited to:


• Popular International and Austria Acts:


• Line-up: Mar 9, 2023

Peter Piro, Noom, The New Black, Tadik, Sykonix

Mar 10, 2023

Lab 4, Nick The Kid, Wag, Yakooza, Amber Savage, Dark Sin, De-Gen, Master Kaos, Hellraiser, Miss Mel, Nexus, Scott Alert, Tigger, Old China, Crash Lander, Montana, Hans DC, Versace Boys, Human Music, Ayabloom, Spiritus, Jake Jurant, Foldingtime, Luke Bartolo, Bayawaka, Lunar, Kay-cee, Tom Human, Rhys Roberts, Jesper Robinson, Astrophysical Maser, Timba, Connor Mac, Saskia, Dark Design, Bando, Tom Baker, JEDIDIAH, Ash Roy, Wynx, Mras Nitzi, Grumbl, KUDOS, Deliquescent, Koya Dubz, Deall, Lickweed, Temple Step Project, Kodiak Kid, Nerve, goof, Twitch, ORCA, Spiradical, Ellie Walsh, Zazen, Unstable Fable, Skryre, Psyphoria, Mindhertz, Ryklops, Dgen

Mar 11, 2023

Simon Murphy, J-Slyde, Mish'Chief, D-sens, Eridanus, Turmeric, Montana Azul, Akashic Records, Puscha, Gaudi, Hands down & Leigh Boy, Muska, Leigh Boy, Serena Melanie, Pat Tassone, A.M.Y.M., Dysmorph, Biomass, Unknown Concept, Christopher Brooks, Miles from Mars, Tom Cosm, Redamon, The Oddness & Band, Ashez, Monkee, Royalston, Beatrice, Bayawaka, Grouch in Dub, Chris Munky, P.Smurf, State of Mind, Stompsy, Cyan, Iresus, Nick The Kid, Platypus, Oddrapod, Chiaro, Pakman, Megapixel, Gandhabba, Laughing Buddha, Androidus, Ninesense, Hydra-e, Yakooza, Hellraiser, Savigizm, Ben Evans, James Corbett, Sammy La Marca, Dang3r, Samra, Flegma, Volkiene

Mar 12, 2023

Kenny Fantastic, Citizen.com, Drop the Pickle, J-Slyde, Rojo, Micro Jaxon, Nova, Arkamena, Camel, Sargent, Pinaeto, Cinemycelium, Organic Vibrations, Sihaya, Neyana, Suseri, Gumi, Sciosnore, Baba, Josephine Wedekind, Novakane, Full Tilt, Aria, Partyshirts Thompson, Not Jen, Dorti Bit, Uone, Slipp, Sammy Legs, Ebony Willis, Alegra, Koiaa, Safire, Zombie Cats, Jungle Wook, Ghosei, Thortz, Terrence & Phillip, Cosmatik, Alchemy Circle, Goosebumpz, Chamberlain (AU), Tribone, Dysphemic, Outakilta, Ben Wild, Cern, CYK, Karev, Mad Goblins, Algormorph, Psilosin, Kofdaddy, Rock Paper Sisters, Scionaugh, Kuni, Golanski, Emiri, Fisheye, Melt, Fiddle Faddle, ODB, Glacial, Acousma, Stryker, Kay-cee, Zone Tempest, Lunar, Diffraction, Froid, Audiopirate, Chunkadelic, Paul Abad, Miss Jade, Ish K, Doktor, Gonzi, GroundBass, Headroom, Skwid, Augmented, Tahl

Mar 13, 2023

JnrBoom, B' Rock'n'radley, Hugh Jass, Boydex, Aztec Medusa, Hafner, Water Signs, Mras Nitzi, LUX AURUM, Shantaram, JEFFERS, Kundalini Project, Ok Sure, Mickey Space, Liam Sieker, Miza, Carmelo, Wilma, Zealous, Kasey Taylor, Organic Vibrations, Gus Heavy, Sistym, Switchstate, Idle Minds Workshop, Grug, Frump, Mandala, ShivaTree, Ned Flangers, Dirge, Akasha (NZ), Contrast, Ozzy, GMS, Yarock, Grouch, Aminos KH, Sykonix, Lukemath, Ectima, Skizologic

Dates Pending

Hands-down, 01.Ekka, Agormorph, Aimee, Alexis Star, Aloy Sōl, Astronauts Goodnight, AUA, Big Fkn Robots, Caly Jandro, Cam Mineo Band, Global Party People, Cedro, Dayelle, Diamonica, BINI, Dayelle, Diffa, Stink, Entropy Sound, DLNJA, Dooz, Dyso, Dyzlexic, Eva Las Vegas, Grey, Hugoe, Jacob Malmo, Jayden Eddy, JB Jackson, JERB, John Baptiste, Josh Heywood, Julia Williams, Jack Jenson, Kizzam, Pluto Tango, Lostboy Ludo, Luke Vecchio, Manafest, Market Memories, MelonTheBaller, Misse, Neeko, Neonhoney, Sara McQueen, Nizami, Quantaloop, Saxy, Bäto, Shaya Avitan, Shen, The Moby Dicks, Sloppy Joe, TAE, Techno Teddy, The Regulators, Tom Hurley, Vee & The Violet Sun, Tuli, Vibrational Wizard, Voyager, Wilson Blackley


• Up and Coming Acts:


• Local Acts:


• Promising local acts from Lyon and the surrounding area. 


• DJs:


• International and local DJs playing various genres such as electronic, hip-hop, funk, and more. 


• Cultural Acts:


• Various cultural acts including street performers, art installations, and more.


Age Level:


• All ages Are Available


Festival Ticket & Streaming Details:


• Tickets for Esoteric Festival 2023 are available for purchase online. Single-day and multi-day passes are available. All tickets include access to the festival grounds, live-streaming capabilities, and exclusive merchandise. Special discounts are available for certain types of participants.


Music Festival Ticket:


• See Tickets


• Ticket Master


• StubHub


• Eventbrite


• Vivid Seats




• Etix


Live Streaming:


• YouTube TV


• Sling TV


• Hulu TV


• Fubo TV


• DirecTV Now


Festival Ticket Cost:


• The ticket cost for Esoteric Festival 2023 festival in Austria has yet to be announced. However, it is expected to be very affordable and accessible to all. Ticket prices will likely vary depending on the type of ticket purchased, such as a standard ticket or a VIP ticket. Please continue to check the official festival website for the most up-to-date ticket prices


Social Media Platforms:


• General admission tickets will be available for purchase on dreamsforce.com, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. VIP packages, including access to a unique VIP lounge, will also be available.


What To Bring:


-Valid ID


-Cash and credit cards


-Comfortable shoes




-Water bottle


-Small backpack


What Not To Bring:


-Weapons of any kind


-Illegal substances


-Glass bottles


-Animals (except service animals)




Food & Drinks:


• A wide selection of local and international wines, beers, and spirits


• An abundance of culinary delights prepared by award-winning chefs


• Specialty cocktails created by world-renowned mixologists


• An array of street food stalls with freshly made snacks


• Organic and vegan food options


• A selection of delectable desserts




• Live Music performances by renowned Musicians


• International DJs spinning tunes


• Interactive art installations


• Laser light shows


• Firework displays


• Multiple stages featuring comedy and dance performances


• Indoor and outdoor cinema screenings


• Virtual reality experiences


• Pop-up shops featuring unique and exclusive items


• Games and activities for all ages


Latest Covid-19 Rules:


• Esoteric Festival 2023 will adhere to all social distancing and safety regulations in place at the time of the event. Attendees must wear face masks at all times and maintain a distance of 6ft from others. Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the festival grounds.




• Esoteric Festival 2023 promises to be an unforgettable event. With its incredible lineup of Musicians, visual artists, and more, Esoteric Festival will surely be the Music festival experience of a lifetime. Don’t miss out – get your tickets now!

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