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Japan is buying missiles from the US: Fumio Kishida

Japan is buying missiles from the US: Fumio Kishida

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Japan is buying missiles from the US: Fumio Kishida

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Japan is going to buy Tomahawk missiles from the US. The country's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida gave this information on Monday. He said, keeping in mind the threats of other countries including China, this missile is being bought as a part of strengthening the country's defense system.

The Tomahawk is an all-weather medium-range cruise missile. It was first manufactured in the 1970s by General Dynamics Corporation of the United States. It was designed as a low-altitude, medium to a long-range missile that could be launched from land.

Kishida told the budget committee of the lower house that we have plans to buy 400 cruise missiles. However, he did not give detailed information on the matter as the field of military procurement is sensitive.

Earlier this month, Japan's defense minister said that instead of buying parts for several years, Japan has earmarked $1.5 billion to buy missiles in the next fiscal year.

In the face of China's growing military power and nuclear-armed North Korea's unexpected missile tests, Kishidar's government is trying to boost its defense capabilities.

After Russia attacks Ukraine, there are new fears surrounding China. It is believed that China may launch a similar attack to annex Taiwan to its mainland.

After World War II, Japan enacted a pacifist constitution. Military power there is limited to defensive action.

However, Japan updated its security and defense policy last year. It clearly outlines the challenges posed by China. It has set a target of doubling its defense spending to 2 percent of its GDP by 2027. NATO countries spend 2 percent of their GDP on defense.

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