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McCarthy ceded the seat of Speaker of the US House of Representatives

McCarthy ceded the seat of Speaker of the US House of Representatives

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McCarthy ceded the seat of Speaker of the US House of Representatives

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This has never happened in the last 100 years of US history. It is said that there is drama in the election of the speaker of the lower house of the US Congress. The election, which was supposed to end last Tuesday, has been extended till Saturday. Finally, after 15 rounds of voting, Republican candidate Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker. The last such incident in the country was in 1923.

At least 218 votes are required to be elected Speaker of the House of Representatives. Republicans have a majority in the House. So McCarthy should have won easily. However, 20 members of his team were dropped. From the beginning, they were united in not voting for McCarthy. Ultimately, McCarthy was able to break the standards of many of them and pull them in their favor.

Breaking this standard, however, was not easy at all. For this McCarthy had to make several promises and many concessions. This reduced McCarthy's power in the House of Representatives, increasing the influence of conservatives. A BBC report highlights the concessions and promises he made to sit in the Speaker's chair.

Motion for the resignation of the Speaker

McCarthy had to accept one of the main demands of the opposition Republicans in the election of the speaker. That is, any member of the House of Representatives can initiate the process of voting for the resignation of the Speaker. As a result, the polling can start at any time. And if the forehead is bad, McCarthy can lose.

A member can call for a vote on the speaker's resignation - this law, however, previously existed in the United States. This number was increased to five in the last few years to increase speaker capacity. Rebel Republican members of the House of Representatives, however, said they would not abuse the new opportunity.

Passage of bills is difficult

The House of Representatives has a process for approving a bill. First, a lawmaker proposes to approve a bill in the assembly. It is then reviewed by a committee. After approval by the committee, it is brought before all members of the council for further revision. Finally, a vote was held to approve it.

But with time, this rule has also changed. A big bill was decided in a closed-door meeting today. Then they are approved at short notice. McCarthy promised that bills would henceforth be approved according to the previous process. By doing this, all members of the council can give their opinion about the bill.

Now it is being talked about, what will be the result of this promise McCarthy. Approval of a bill by the House of Representatives is already a complicated process. Then, as a result of McCarthy's pledge, dissenting members of the House could now reject the bill if they wanted to. Sticking to the old process for getting bills approved can be a good move. However, in the end, it may be difficult for McCarthy to implement properly.

Conservatives may take over the legislature

The House Rules Committee fixes various rules of the House of Representatives. The job of this powerful committee is to decide when the bills raised in the council will be voted on, how long the debate will last, or whether any changes will be made to these bills. As McCarthy has promised, he will hand over at least one position on the committee to hard-line conservatives.

Although the term is one, its importance is wide. This position will increase the representation and power of conservatives on the House Rules Committee. By doing so, they can have a say in what the laws approved by the House of Representatives will look like.

McCarthy will push the supporters away?

Republicans who opposed McCarthy early in the speaker's race are eyeing influential House committee posts. It can be said, the words of the member of Maryland, Andy Harris. He expressed his desire to lead the Council's subcommittee on health. This subcommittee oversees hundreds of billions of dollars in US government spending.

Andy Harris initially opposed McCarthy in the speaker election but voted for him on Friday. Many wondered whether McCarthy had promised to make Harris head of the subcommittee on health in exchange for this support. McCarthy has yet to say anything publicly about the matter. If anything, it will be known soon.

If Andy Harris heads that subcommittee, that will be a negative for McCarthy. Because, as Harris had once opposed the election, those who were supposed to get positions based on seniority, on the other hand, among McCarthy's supporters, would be deprived. This could create new enemies among those close to McCarthy.

Choice of opposition Republican members in the election

The 20 Republicans who initially opposed McCarthy in the speaker's race have often spoken about congressional term limits and border security. McCarthy promised to vote on both of these issues earlier this year.

Whether the opposition Republicans in the House of Representatives wanted it or not, the issue of immigrants to the United States was brought up in the House of Representatives. Because it has been a top priority for Republicans since former President Donald Trump's 2015 campaign. Similarly, border security is also important to them. But if McCarthy wants to do something about term limits for members of Congress, it may require an amendment to the US Constitution. And the US Supreme Court ruled in a ruling that state attempts to limit the terms of members of Congress are unconstitutional.

Cut costs

Hard-line conservative politicians in the United States have complained that spending in various sectors of the ruling Democrat government has gone to unbridled levels. Republicans who opposed McCarthy said the same thing during the House speaker election. They demanded that the amount of expenditure be brought within a limit. McCarthy also promised them in this regard.

With the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, they can pass any budget through compromise. But since McCarthy sided with the demands of ultraconservatives, House Democrats fear that the U.S. defense budget could be drastically cut. How much of the budget will be approved, however, is decided by negotiations between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate. But the conservatives' commitment could limit McCarthy's ability to make concessions in compromise talks to prevent a government shutdown.

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