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Me Leva Festival 2023 [Live Stream] in Londrina, Brazil

Me Leva Festival 2023 [Live Stream] in Londrina, Brazil

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Me Leva Festival 2023 [Live Stream] in Londrina, Brazil

The world's Biggest Me Leva Festival is about to begin. Here you can find all the information about the festival like festival start time, date, location, television partner, artist, lineup, tickets, etc. Stay tuned to watch the Me Leva Festival live online.


Event Name: Me Leva Festival 2023


Stream: Me Leva Festival 2023 Live Stream (Free Trial)


Location: Londrina, Brazil


Festival Date: Sunday 12 February 2023


Duration of Festival: 01 Day


Category: Music Festival


How to watch the festival live online


Me Leva Festival Watch Live Online. If you cannot attend the festival for some reason, you can watch the event live via online streaming.


YouTube TV


Sling TV


Hulu TV


Fubo TV


DirecTV Now


We are delighted to cover every of this festival beautifully.


Don't forget to let Brazil know how you like watching this festival live online. Apart from this festival, all the information about upcoming events worldwide will be given on the dreamsforce.com website. I hope you will visit all our events.


Festival Tickets:


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What are the benefits of the Me Leva Festival in Brazil:


By attending this Music festival, you will get to know different genres of Music in Brazil. You will get to know about the culture of Brazil. You can watch your favorite artist's performance face to face. You can meet and make friends with Music lovers from all over the world. You can camp on the festival grounds.


Me Leva Festival FAQ section:


At almost every festival you have some questions in your mind like

1. When and where the festival will be held?

Me Leva Festival will be held in Brazil.

2. Which artist is performing the song?

List of artists performing at Me Leva Festival 2023 Line-up: Turma do Pagode, Mc Hariel, Pixote, Belo, Hungria Hip Hop, and DJ FB

3. How much does the ticket cost?

Me Leva Festival tickets start at $ 9.50+. You can also purchase VIP tickets if you want. The festival has VIP facilities for VIP ticket holders.

4. What are the age restrictions for the Fest?

There is no limit to this festival. However, there may be age restrictions for specific reasons.

5. What will I bring to the Festival?

Bring your valid identity Card, Festival ticket, Covid-19 certificate, Valid driving license, Enough Cash or Card, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Umbrella, Hats, Water, Camp material, Mobile, Charger, Power bank, Earplugs, Necessary medicine, Sleeping bag, Tents and tents for the festival.

6. What can not be brought to the festival?

Weapons, Fireworks or explosives, Illegal drugs, Outside food, Big umbrellas, Pets, Laser light, Professional cameras, Drones, etc.

7. Can I bring food and drink to the Festival?

You cannot bring outside food to the festival. There are plenty of food and drink vendors at the festival grounds. All your questions are answered one by one below:


Privacy policy for Me Leva Festival Brazil:


We are committed to respecting the privacy of festival participants. However, as the personal information we collect about you when purchasing tickets determines your rights, we may update this privacy policy regularly, so please check it regularly.


The Covid-19 Rules:


To attend the Me Leva Festival, one must undergo a covid-19 test, and carry a covid-19 negative certificate. Get vaccinated to avoid the risk of covid-19.




Tried to help you by providing detailed information about the Me Leva Festival. You can regularly visit our website dreamsforce.com to know about similar festivals. You can also follow Brazil on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Stay healthy wherever you are. 

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