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Messi 'didn't understand the importance of Martinez's save

Messi 'didn't understand the importance of Martinez's save

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Messi 'didn't understand the importance of Martinez's save

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Remembering that moment in the World Cup final can make any Argentina fan's heart skip a beat, if only for a moment.

The final scoreline was 3-3. The difficult and breathtaking battle of scheduled and overtime is about to end. The match will be a tiebreaker after the referee's whistle. A mistake by Nicolas Otamendi suddenly found goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez alone in front of the Argentina box. Muanyi's shot was incredibly blocked by Martinez in a situation where France would have won had Martinez pushed it into the net. Everyone is calling it 'the best save of the World Cup'.

Lionel Messi did not experience that moment. I did not understand that Martinez did not save in the excitement of the match! Messi talked about Martinez's save in a long interview with the Argentinian newspaper Ole. But now he is frozen in fear after seeing the video of that save.

"The whole thing happened so fast that I didn't even have a chance to think about it," Messi said. Immediately after that, we launched a counterattack. Later when I saw the video footage of Martinez's save, I was rather horrified. Understand how important Martinez's save is.

Martinez blocked a shot by France's Kingsley Koeman in the final tiebreaker. Orilie Chuameni lost the psychological battle to him. But despite these two shots in the tiebreaker, he made the biggest contribution to Argentina's World Cup victory by incredibly blocking Muanyi's shot. Martinez also won the Golden Globe Award for being the best goalkeeper of the World Cup.

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