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Messi's Instagram gets blocked due to fan pressure

Messi's Instagram gets blocked due to fan pressure

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Messi's Instagram gets blocked due to fan pressure

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Argentina won the World Cup after three ages of waiting. Lionel Messi kisses the golden trophy after just missing out. He received the 'Certificate of Football Immortality'.

Messi gave an interview for the first time after winning the coveted World Cup. The 35-year-old megastar opened up in an interview with journalist Andy Kuznetsov of Argentina radio 'Urbana Play'.

As the legend talks about Diego Maradona and the fulfillment of his career, he also talks about the fans' genuine love for him.

After winning the World Cup, the picture posted by Messi with the trophy on Instagram surpassed even Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of 'likes'. A new record has been set. However, his Instagram account was temporarily blocked due to countless wishes from fans.

Messi said about getting a few million likes on a picture, 'It shows how many people the picture has reached. How many people wanted to see the trophy in my hands? To be honest, I read very few greetings. It's much harder. I received 1 million messages. Eventually, the account got blocked. I could not log in. It was madness.

Due to their busy schedules, many stars entrust the management of their social media accounts to a trusted person. But Messi uses his account in his busy schedule, "I post on my Instagram myself." There is no separate company or manager for this work.

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