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On-screen he will be Michael Jackson

On-screen he will be Michael Jackson

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On-screen he will be Michael Jackson

By dreamsforce.com

People are no less curious about the life of Pop Emperor Michael Jackson. So Hollywood director Anthony Foucault is going to bring his life story to the screen. This biopic will reveal many unknown stories of Michael Jackson. There will also be some of his famous performances.

Earlier, the Michael Jackson biopic was announced but the work has not started. A few days ago, the director announced that the shooting of the movie will start this year. Since then, the audience has been curious about who will play the role of Michael. Now the name of that actor is known. He is Michael Jackson's brother's son Zafar Jackson. Director Anthony Foucault announced this by sharing a picture of him on social media.

The late singer's mother Kathryn Jackson was delighted to hear that Zafar will be playing the role of Michael. He said, 'Jafar and my son Michael look almost the same. So seeing Zafar reminds me of my son. Zafar will continue to entertain our family. I am eagerly waiting to see him on screen.

The film is being produced by Graham King. Regarding Zafar, he said, when an actor was being sought for the role of Michael, he met Zafar. When he first met Zafar two years ago, he was impressed. Unbelievably, Graham sees Michael's personality in Jafar. He thinks about how they have so much in common. At the time, Graham felt that only Jafar could portray Michael on screen.

The name of the biopic is 'Michael'. Who will play the role of RK in the biopic of the 15 Grammy Award-winning artists will be revealed later. The screenplay for the movie was written by three-time Oscar nominee John Logan. Earlier, the documentary 'Living Neverland' was made about Michael Jackson's sexual harassment. After the documentary was released, Michael Jackson's family called it ugly and false.

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