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'Pathan' created 10 records after the release

'Pathan' created 10 records after the release

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'Pathan' created 10 records after the release

By dreamsforce.com

Pathan'' - India is shaking in the storm - is not very wrong. Returning to theaters after four years, the Shah Rukh Khan starrer continues to create record after record. On the first day of release, it earned around Rs 55 crore from India, by the end of the second day, the earnings figure stood at Rs 125 crore. Directed by Siddharth Anand, the film grossed Rs. 225 crores worldwide in two days. Meanwhile, 'Paathan' has broken many box office records. Let's see which 10 new records Shah Rukh Khan-Deepika Padukone films have set.

Maximum freedom:
In India, 'Pathan' has had over 5500 releases, a new record for a Hindi movie.

Highest opening day-grossing Hindi movie:
Ignoring all fears, on its first day of release, i.e. 25th January, the film collected Rs 55 crores from theaters in India alone! Which is a new record for opening day earnings for a Hindi movie.

Highest revenue without release on holidays:
New movies are usually released on Fridays in India. However, the film was released on Tuesday on the occasion of India's Republic Day. Even though it was not a holiday, the crowd watching 'Pathan' was incredible. As a result, the film crossed the milestone of 50 crores in revenue on the first day.

Records of the production company:
Yash Raj Films has produced many commercially successful films in India. But after 'War', their last few movies did not go that way. But a 'Pathan' is supposed to cover all their losses. Yash Raj's first-day highest-grossing movie 'Pathan'.

Shahrukh's highest-grossing film:
The last movies were consecutive flops. However, after four years, Shah Rukh fulfilled the expectations of fans by returning to 'Pathan'. No other movie of Shahrukh could do as much business as 'Pathan' did on the first day.

John Abraham's record:
Like Shah Rukh, John Abraham also set a new record for playing the role of the villain in 'Pathan'. It is also the best opening day grosser of the actor's career.

Booking record:
It was understood that 'Pathan' will do great business on the first day of its release by looking at the bookings of the film. The film sold more than five lakh advance tickets before its release, which is a new record.

Director's record:
Having done successful films like 'War' before, but with 'Pathan', director Siddharth seems to have outdone himself. It is the highest-grossing movie of his career.

In most countries
'Pathan' was released in over 2500 cinemas in over 100 countries. Earlier no Indian film was released in so many countries simultaneously.

The best of the beginning:
The movie grossed Rs 225 crore in India and outside India in 2 days. Out of this 125 crores were from India, and 100 crores from outside India. No Hindi movie has ever grossed so much after its release outside India.

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