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Pope Francis and world leaders pay homage to Benedict XVI

Pope Francis and world leaders pay homage to Benedict XVI

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Pope Francis and world leaders pay homage to Benedict XVI

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Pope Francis pays homage to his precursor Benedict XVI, who failed at the age of 95.

The Pope said Benedict was" noble" and" kind" and a" gift" to the Roman Catholic Church.

American President Joe Biden and King Charles III. he's among dozens of leaders who praise the former pope.

Benedict abnegated in 2013 due to ill health- the first pope in 600 times. His burial will be held in the Vatican on January 5.

Hours after his death was blazoned, Pope Francis praised his" cherished" precursor, emphasizing his" immolation for the good of the Church."

In the US, the White House stated President Biden- the alternate unqualified after John. Kennedy to hold the nation's loftiest office.

Recalling the time he spent with Benedict in the Vatican in 2011, the chairman said he'd be" flashed back as a distinguished theologian with a lifelong devotion to the Church, guided by his principles and faith."

In the United Kingdom, the new king, King Charles III, said he was" deeply saddened" to learn of the former pope's death.

In his condolence communication to Pope Francis, he stressed Benedict's" constant sweats to promote peace and harmony for all people" and his work to strengthen ties between Catholics and Anglicans.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called Benedict XVI" a great theologian whose visit to the UK in 2010 was a major moment for Catholics and non-Catholics across our country".

The head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, Cardinal Vincent Nicholls, said Benedict had changed his image in the UK.

Speaking to the BBC, the cardinal said he came notorious as" God's Rottweiler" but was compared to" everyone's favorite uncle or just an uncle".

What the death of the former pope means for the Vatican Pope Benedict commemorates,000 million Benedict The Pope who abnegated from the papacy Former Pope Benedict XVI failed at the age of 95 Leaders from countries with large unqualified populations also pay their felicitations.

In Italy, new Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni called Benedict" a mammoth of faith and reason" and" a great man who'll not be forgotten by history", while Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar described the former pope as a" humble worker in the croft ". Mr".

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz described the late pope as" a constructive figure of the Catholic Church, an eloquent figure and a canny theologian."

Born Joseph Ratzinger in Bavaria, Benedict was appointed Archbishop of Munich in 1977.

response to his death in the city was mixed- bone occupants described him as" conservative", although he was proud to be German.

Another was more critical.

" I allowed that when he came to power, he'd eventually bring fresh air to the Catholic Church and end continence. But unfortunately, he dissatisfied me," Krista Herwig told Reuters.

A German disquisition into child coitus abuse that rocked the Catholic Church set up in January that he failed to act in four similar cases while he was archbishop of Munich.

Benedict has always denied the allegations.

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