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Pope Francis says the world is suffering from a lack of peace

Pope Francis says the world is suffering from a lack of peace

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Pope Francis says the world is suffering from a lack of peace

Pope Francis says the world is suffering from a lack of peace

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In his periodic Christmas Day communication from the Vatican, Pope Francis said the world was suffering from a "hunger for peace".

He called for an end to the "senseless war" in Ukraine and condemned the use of "food as a weapon" of war.

Ukraine supplies about 30% of the world's wheat and prices have risen since the Russian attack in February.

This was Pope Francis' tenth Christmas address since taking office.

The war in Ukraine took up most of his ten-second speech, he spoke of the "serious lack of peace in other regions and other theaters of this third world war".

He focuses on conflict and humanitarian issues in the Middle East, Myanmar, Haiti, and the Sahel region of Africa.

The pope also prayed for "dialogue" in Iran, where the country has been wracked by anti-government rebels for more than three months. Rights groups say the protests there coincided with a crackdown that killed another 500 people, including 69 children.

The 86-time pope lamented the mortal cost of the war from a deck of the basilica overlooking St. Peter's Square. He urged them not to forget "those who are empty and every day a lot of food is wasted and money is spent on munitions".

"The war in Ukraine has worsened this situation and put entire populations at risk of deprivation, especially in Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa countries," he said.

"We know that every war creates hunger and uses food as a weapon to help distribute those who previously suffered.

The Pope said that "those who exercise political responsibility" should make food "the only instrument of peace".

His communion was followed by the traditional Urbi et Orbi (city and world) blessing, recited in Latin and traditionally in numerous other languages.

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