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Prince Harry admits to killing 25 people in Afghanistan

Prince Harry admits to killing 25 people in Afghanistan

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Prince Harry admits to killing 25 people in Afghanistan

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25 people were killed when Prince Harry piloted a British Army Apache helicopter in Afghanistan. He admitted this in his autobiography. AFP reported this information regarding the report published in the British media on Thursday.

Prince Harry's autobiography is coming out soon. But The Telegraph published excerpts from the Spanish edition of the autobiography, which was mistakenly put up for sale yesterday. However, they were later removed from the store.

The 38-year-old Duke of Sussex served two tours of duty in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban. Prince Harry served as a forward air controller calling for air strikes in 2007-08. He later served as an attack helicopter pilot during 2012-13.

Prince Harry's autobiography 'Spare' is set to be released simultaneously worldwide next week. In it, this member of the British royal family wrote that he had conducted six missions as a pilot. In this campaign, he "had to take human lives".

Prince Harry says he is neither proud nor ashamed of doing this. He describes the moment of eliminating a target in an attack as 'removing a chess piece' from the board.

This member of the British royal family served in the army for 10 years. He was promoted to the rank of Captain. Prince Harry has described his time in the army as his formative years.

Prince Harry's visit to Afghanistan was heavily restricted due to security concerns. The British press also accepted the matter. However, he was forced to return home when a foreign newspaper broke the ban and published the news.

Prince Harry has not spoken publicly about how many Taliban he has killed.

Cameras mounted on Apache helicopters allow Prince Harry to assess his expedition. As a result, he can say with certainty how many people he killed.

Prince Harry wrote: 'My number was 25. It's not a number that makes me happy, but it doesn't embarrass me either.'

Prince Harry justified his actions by citing memories of the 9-11 attacks on the United States and meeting the families of the victims. He further said that those responsible for this incident and their sympathizers are 'enemies of humanity'. 

Fighting them is an act of revenge for crimes against humanity.

Prince Harry moved to North America with his wife Meghan Markle in 2020 due to family disputes. 

He also said that he did not want to return to the royal palace after settling the dispute.

Harry has also accused his older brother Prince of Wales William of physically abusing him. 

Citing the autobiography, The Guardian reported this news.

Prince Harry writes that the two brothers broke up after marrying actress Meghan. At one point, the conflict between the two became extreme. 

Prince Harry wrote that William 'grabbed my collar, ripped the chain and...threw me to the floor'. This hurt Harry's back.

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