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Reverse troll pic with Shakira's breakup song

Reverse troll pic with Shakira's breakup song

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Reverse troll pic with Shakira's breakup song

By dreamsforce.com

Gerard Pique admitted that he ditched the Rolex brand for a cheaper Casio watch.

Last June, Spanish football star PK ended his 11-year relationship with pop singer Shakira. The Colombian music star did not want to be with PK after seeing him involved in an extramarital affair. The two discussed and ended the relationship. But it was understood that there is no end to the bitterness.

Shakira recently sang a song about her anger and hatred toward Peake. Ever since the song's video was uploaded on YouTube, audiences have jumped on the bandwagon. The song set a YouTube record within 24 hours. The song has been viewed over 63 million times so far. It also holds the record for most uploaded Latin song views on YouTube.

Shakira sang the song in a new style with Argentinian DJ Bijarap. Each word of the song should be indicated on the p. Where the PKK has been criticized. Shakira sings, 'You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, a Rolex for a Casio.' It is understood that the 'Rolex' of the song is Shakira herself and 'Casio' is Pic's new lover.

PK, however, countered this. But not anger towards Shakira, with a bit of humor. He is about to launch a seven-a-side football league, sponsored by Japanese watchmaker Casio. On Friday, he appeared in a video streaming of the league, showing off a Casio watch, saying, "I can use this Casio watch for the rest of my life."

Pique was accompanied by Sergio Aguero in the video streaming. He shouted "Casio" "Casio" in this video streaming. After Shakira's song, PK is followed by Argentinian star Aguero. The Argentine star said, 'Shakira wants to 'wipe out' PK with this song. PKO made fun of Cassio based on the source of Shakira's song.

Lionel Messi's wife Antonella Roccuzzo gave three fire emojis to Shakira's song. Messi's wife's comment received 160,000 likes.

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