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The US informed Russia ahead of Biden's visit to Kiev

The US informed Russia ahead of Biden's visit to Kiev

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The US informed Russia ahead of Biden's visit to Kiev

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US President Joe Biden visited Ukraine's capital Kyiv amid the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Washington informed Russia about this a few hours before the visit on Monday. White House National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said this information.

 "We informed Russia about the visit a few hours ago, so as not to get involved in any conflict," the US official said. The sensitive nature of contact with Ukraine is also a factor. I won't go into what specific message we sent to Russia or how they later responded. We can confirm it, as we reported.

The US administration has not made any announcement about Biden's visit today. In this context, US Deputy National Security Adviser John Finner said that Biden's visit to Ukraine was planned for several months. However, it was decided last Friday whether the visit will happen or not.

Meanwhile, after Biden arrived in Kyiv, sirens rang out across the city. However, there was no news of the Russian missile attack at that time. The US President met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during his visit. Washington has vowed to stand by Ukraine no matter how long the war lasts.

The White House said about the visit, Biden will impose more sanctions on Russia. Apart from this, he will provide Ukraine with various weapons including cannon balls, and radars. Zelensky also talked about weapons. According to him, he has discussed long-range weapons with Biden.

Meanwhile, Biden's visit to Kyiv comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to address the nation a day later. In that speech, he is expected to outline Russia's goals in the second year of the war. Moscow launched an operation in Ukraine on February 24 last year.

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