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The war in Ukraine New Year in Putin's Russia- nothing is normal

The war in Ukraine New Year in Putin's Russia- nothing is normal

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The war in Ukraine New Year in Putin's Russia- nothing is normal

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The timepiece on the Spassky Tower in the Kremlin struck night.

The public hymn of Russia is playing.

Also Channel One television demurred off 2023 with a pop song" I am Russian and I will go all theway.I am Russian, except for the world."

latterly( patriotically) at the top of the pops" I was born in the Soviet Union, I was made in the USSR!"

I will change the channel. At Russia- 1's New Year's party, one of the station's most notorious war reporters holds a glass of champagne, toasts 2023 and wishes for" further good news than bad from the frontal lines."

Men in military uniforms sit with him. A representative in Moscow in Russian- enthralled Ukraine declared" I wish us all peace. But peace will come only after our palm."

You get the point. This time's fests on Russian TV are a strange combination of summer parties and palms on the battlegrounds

This is no ordinary television show on New Year's Eve in Russia. Well, it's not an ordinary New Year's Eve." Normal" faded ten months ago when Russia launched an each-out irruption of Ukraine.

Putin is destroying you, Zelensky told the Russians

A deadly explosion passed in Kyiv on New Year's Eve

Five ways Ukraine could go to war in 2023

There was nothing" normal" about Vladimir Putin's New Year's address to the Russian people. For his periodic speech, the chairman generally stands alone outside the Kremlin. This time, men and women in combat uniforms stood behind him.

In his speech last time, the Kremlin leader noted that" New Year's Eve is full of good mood and happy studies."

Good mood and happy studies were in short force this time.

President Putin used the speech to portray an alternate reality for the Kremlin Russia is the idol and Ukraine and the West are the villains in this conflict.

" For times, the Western elites hypocritically assured us of their peaceful intentions. but in reality they encouraged theneo-Nazis in every possible way," President Putin said.

" guarding our motherland is our sacred duty to our ancestors and descendants."

When the Kremlin addresses about" defending our motherland", flash back that it was Russia that raided Ukraine. Not quite the contrary.

The Russian chairman declared that his country greatly served from the dramatic events of 2022" It was a time of. important way towards Russia's full sovereignty."

" We're laying the foundations of our common future, of our true freedom."

To say that in this war Russia is fighting for its sovereignty and independence is deceiving, to say the least.

For starters, Russia has long been a autonomous independent country. Indeed if you accept Vladimir Putin's idea that Russia has noway achieved" full sovereignty", the question arises why not?Mr. Putin has been in power for 23 times. Long enough, you can figure it out.

Another thing President Putin does in his New Year's address is peak Russians into us and them, those who support his" special military operations" and those who don't.

" It was a time that put numerous effects in their place," the Kremlin leader said," and drew a clear line between courage and frippery on the one hand and business and poltroonery on the other."

In 2023, we will probably see the Kremlin draw that line more easily. Russian authorities have mustered all the country's coffers for" special military operations".

No room for debate or discussion The government expects people to come together and support the chairman. Those who'll not be considered Russians are betraying their motherland.

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