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The World Cup-winning Argentina football team returned to Buenos Aires as heroes

The World Cup-winning Argentina football team returned to Buenos Aires as heroes

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The World Cup-winning Argentina football team returned to Buenos Aires as heroes

The World Cup-winning Argentina football team returned to Buenos Aires as heroes

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Argentina's World Cup-winning army arrived home to a cock-a-hoop Buenos Aires on Tuesday morning, with huge crowds lining the arteries to cheer the return of their champions.

Captain Lionel Messi was the first to disembark, holding the golden jewel in the air, while the winning platoon was also fed on the field's red carpet by detectives, officers, and a live band.

The blue and white cheered as the platoon machine left the field. A videotape shows the machine driving slowly behind a police escort, as thousands of people wave gray flags and set off fireworks into the night.

The air fills with joy as the crowd sings and dances; Standing on the open-top sundeck, the players gestured to their cherished nipples.

Thousands of revelers are expected to line the streets of the capital on Tuesday, which has been declared a public holiday, after Sunday's thrilling penalty shoot-out over France in Qatar-Eschewal Palm.

The platoon will first spend the night at the Argentine Football Association's training ground, state news agency Telam said.

Crowds of well-wishers thronged the training ground ahead of the platoon's appearance on Monday, with images of the suction cup being discovered from a bus on the ground. Some are laying out clothes on the lawn while others are sitting around the cooler having fun and games on the chairperson.

The long-awaited return of the platoon continued with endless celebrations among fans at home and abroad after Argentina's explosive palm over France.

Stars Messi and Kylian Mbappe go head-to-head in the quest for the best World Cup ever.

Mbappe defended France's 2018 Palme at the event in Russia, while 35-time Messi played in his final World Cup game to win the jewel that has eluded him for so long.

Argentina took an early lead in the first half, but France came back in the second half to draw 2-2 in extra time.

Messi scored on his substitute's way of the game to restore his side's lead - but Mbappe scored a substitute penalty to seal his chapeautrick and shoot the final penalty shootout - which Argentina won after France missed two shots.

After the World Cup, thousands of people took to the streets of Buenos Aires and crowded the central 9 de Julio Avenue. Videos on social media show agitated protesters climbing street poles and waving Argentine flags; Others on the ground danced and sang in celebration.

The palm in Doha was Argentina's third World Cup palm and first since 1986 when the great Diego Maradona led the platoon to palm in Mexico.

Palm Sunday also marked a reversal in Argentina's fortunes after three recent defeats in major tests at the 2014 World Cup and the 2015 and 2016 Copa America.

Those losses at one point prompted Messi to advertise his withdrawal from international football - although a near-courteous public outcry prompted him to change course ahead of the 2021 Copa America Palm.

Now with a World Cup under his belt, Messi has cemented his status as one of football's all-time greats alongside Maradona and Brazil's Pele.

“I can't believe we suffered so important in a perfect game. Unthinkable, but this platoon responds to everything," Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni said after Sunday's match, according to Reuters.

"I'm proud of the job they've done," he added, as he hugged his players as they fought off the onslaught. "I want to tell people to enjoy it, it's a big moment for our country."

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