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Turkey-Syria earthquake killed 33 thousand

Turkey-Syria earthquake killed 33 thousand

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Turkey-Syria earthquake killed 33 thousand

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The death toll from earthquakes in Turkey and Syria has exceeded 33,000. Many people are buried under the rubble. But with the passage of time, their hope of survival is fading. The United Nations has expressed fears that the total number of dead could more than double.

According to information provided by Turkish and Syrian government officials and doctors, the earthquake killed 29,605 people in Turkey alone. And 3 thousand 547 people lost their lives in Syria. As a result, the total death toll stands at 33,179.

Millions of earthquake survivors in Turkey and Syria are in dire straits. Thousands of buildings collapsed in both countries. There is a shortage of daily necessities including food. According to the United Nations, more than 800,000 people in earthquake-ravaged areas of Turkey and Syria are in need of adequate food. Extreme cold has exacerbated the problem. As the people who survived the earthquake are suffering, the rescue work is also hampered.

In the meantime, various countries have stood by Turkey with various types of assistance. Rescue workers from different countries including Bangladesh have joined the rescue work. But the UN has failed to send aid to rebel-held areas of Syria, said UN emergency relief coordinator Martin Griffiths.

In a tweet, Martin Griffiths said, 'We have so far failed in north-west Syria. At this point they feel abandoned. The help they are hoping for has not yet arrived. I have a responsibility and obligation to correct this failure as soon as possible. This is what I am emphasizing now.

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