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US company wants to give Ukraine two advanced drones for $1

US company wants to give Ukraine two advanced drones for $1

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US company wants to give Ukraine two advanced drones for $1

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A leading US company has expressed interest in supplying Ukraine with two advanced military surveillance drones for a symbolic price of just one dollar. AFP news.

The US company General Atomic Aeronautical Systems made such an announcement on Wednesday. At the same time, they called on the US government to approve the sale of these drones.

General Atomics said it had been urging Washington for months to supply Ukraine with the powerful Gray Eagle and Reaper drones. This drone has been used by US forces in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and other conflict zones. These drones are very effective in surveillance and targeted attacks in these areas.

According to the company, the two drones it plans to sell to Ukraine can fly long distances at moderate altitudes. This drone can increase the strength of the army. Ukraine needs this technology to fight against Russian forces.

The US military has delivered several small drones to Ukraine. They are capable of conducting and monitoring attacks. However, these are not as advanced technology and long-range capabilities as General Atomics' drones.

General Atomics CEO Linden Blue said in a statement that since the beginning of the Russian attack, they have been looking for ways to supply Ukrainian forces with their technology products, including the MQ-9 Reaper and MQ-1C Gray Eagle.

Linden Blue said his company offered to train Ukrainian drone operators at no cost.

According to the company, they are ready to hand over two training drones to Ukraine for a symbolic price of one dollar. In this case, they will provide other hardware including a ground control station.

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