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With Ziech, Chelsea's 'circus' is the destruction of PSG

With Ziech, Chelsea's 'circus' is the destruction of PSG

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With Ziech, Chelsea's 'circus' is the destruction of PSG

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Chelsea came down with sacks of money in the mid-January transfer. The English Premier League club set a Premier League spending record by signing Enzo Fernandez and also bought six other players. In addition to this, it has also been decided to send Hakim Ziyech from the loan squad to PSG for the rest of the season.

Poor Jiesh! Lionel Messi-Neymar-Kylian Mbappe is now in limbo with Chelsea's wrongful Ziech. The Moroccan star's path to PSG could also be smooth, according to the BBC.

England and France's mid-season transfer windows closed yesterday. According to the BBC, during this period, Chelsea could not submit the necessary documents to send Ziyech on loan. Ziech is now in Paris but could not be registered as a PSG player. PSG blamed Chelsea for not submitting documents on time. If this complication is not resolved, Ziech may have to return to Chelsea, according to the BBC.

According to Goal.com, PSG, and Chelsea have agreed to swap Ziyech in a loan deal. For that, the 29-year-old right-back was rushed to Paris for a medical. But in the end, the loan agreement did not happen. Because Chelsea could not submit the documents required to send Ziyech on loan within the transfer deadline. Repeatedly sent wrong documents.

Chelsea was able to send the correct paperwork after the transfer deadline. But by then disaster had struck. French media outlet Liquip reported that Chelsea sent the wrong documents three times during the transfer window. The mid-term adjustment deadline was tomorrow at 11 pm local time.

PSG, however, is not giving up on Jish. The Paris club will apply to the French Football Authority (LFP) to complete the loan deal. However, PSG officials are angry with Chelsea, which can be understood from the comments of a source of the club.

The source, who spoke to The Athletic on condition of anonymity, described Chelsea's repeated submissions as a "class A circus". Ziyech has played in the first eleven for Chelsea in just 4 matches in the Premier League this season. The club has not scored a goal in any football since March last year. However, Ziyesh played well on Morocco's way to the semi-finals at the World Cup in Qatar.

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