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Within six months of the war, Russia had achieved great success

Within six months of the war, Russia had achieved great success

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Within six months of the war, Russia had achieved great success

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Russian and Ukrainian forces are fighting for control of the salt-mining town of Soledar in eastern Ukraine. There are also reports that Russian forces have captured most of the city. Meanwhile, Moscow claimed control of the entire city on Friday.

Russia's Defense Ministry said its troops captured the city of Soledar yesterday evening. It was succeeded by a combined effort by Russian forces, including air, shelling, and missile strikes.

Reuters could not immediately verify claims that Russian forces had taken full control of Solar. However, if this claim is true, the Russian forces have made great progress on the battlefield of Ukraine in the last six months. And capturing the city would make it easier for them to take control of the city of Bakhmut to the southwest.

Both Russia and Ukraine are trying to take control of Bakhmut. Russia's Defense Ministry says it can now cut off weapons and other supplies to Ukrainian forces in Bakhmut. In addition, the remaining Ukrainian troops stationed in the city may be cornered.

Earlier on Wednesday, Russian mercenaries Wagner also claimed to have "liberated" the town of Soledad. But Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky rejected that claim. He said the war is still going on.

Ukraine said the same before Moscow demanded Soledar's detention on Friday. Ukraine claimed its troops were still in control of the city after fighting overnight on Thursday. However, they have not commented so far after Moscow's demand.

Despite these claims and counter-claims, the bloodshed surrounding Soledar's control has not abated. It can be said that this was the bloodiest battlefield since the war started on February 24 last year. Kyiv says Moscow has sent troops to continue a futile battle in the bombed city.

But US officials believe Russia's occupation of Soledad will not have much impact on the Ukraine war. One of them is US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby. Addressing reporters at the White House, he said that if both the cities of Bakhmut and Soledar were captured by Russia, it would not have a strategic impact on the war. Ukrainians cannot be stopped by this, they cannot be suppressed.

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