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Zidane has no interest in coaching Brazil

Zidane has no interest in coaching Brazil

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Zidane has no interest in coaching Brazil

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2019 to 2021—Zinedine Zidane took an indefinite leave of absence from coaching after his second three-year stint at Real Madrid. Expressed his desire to return to coaching after rest. Zidane wanted to return as the coach of France, not as a club coach.

But with Didier Deschamps signing a new contract as France's coach until 2026, Zidane's return to coaching has been somewhat of a shock. After that, the discussion started, Zidane could be the coach of Brazil.

Zidane's former teammate Robert Pires says he has spoken to Zidane about the matter. Zidane told his former teammate that he wants to coach France and has no interest in coaching Brazil.
"He wanted to coach France," Pires, who won the World Cup for Zidane in 1998, told Canal Plus. Yes, we know that is no longer possible with Didier staying for four years.'

So will Zidane be the coach of Brazil? According to Pires, 'now he has to change the target a bit. go to a club It is true that there are not many clubs that can take Jiju.

Pires then added, 'From what I understand, he has no interest in being the coach of Brazil. The reason is language. Wants to understand what is happening around if the time is not good.

Regarding Zidane not wanting to coach Brazil, Pires said, 'To be a coach in Brazil, you need to know Portuguese well. That's why Brazil is not a convenient place for him.

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